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  1. i watch these so much. at first I cried, but now i smile are remember this is we we did together.

  2. ive heard a lot about this guy and what ive heard he was an amazing person. to everyone im so sorry for your lost.

  3. Vivi says:

    I love these videos 🙂
    People often need something to return to when they feel like things around them are changing too quickly. For me, it’s this. Just as Ava and others mentioned, it is so comforting to look back at this and see that he still pushed his bangs back exactly the same way I remember him doing freshman year. And he still loved that same old escape the fate song. 🙂 ❤

  4. jeff says:

    i never knew Aiden, sadly.
    but i bet he and i would have had a lot of fun impersonating Bowling for Soup and Escape the Fate.

  5. susan says:

    These are perfect. I love how I can just barely hear his voice below the music and how he used his hand to flip his hair the exact same way since about 6th grade, like Ava noticed.

  6. Kayla says:

    This makes me smile. 🙂

  7. Alexa Ritter says:

    hahah these are awesome!

  8. omg this made me cry big time

  9. Ava says:

    “She rocked out to Wham!” was deff my favorite part. And the part, just before that, where he grabbed his bangs and pulled them to the side. He was ALWAYS doing that :]

  10. kingstoncyn says:

    ( smiling…)

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