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  1. kfoy says:

    hi aiden. we actually went to stoddert together waaay back in the day. you were a couple years older than me but i always thought you were so cool, and i remember you being really kind to me during our few interactions. i was scared to go to your service alone because we were never really close so i had a friend come with me. we’re still friends now, in fact we hung out just a few days ago. we’ve both been thinking a lot of you lately. thank you for continuing to be a light in our lives. love to you always

  2. siberiankhatru says:

    I know i´m really late. Was a bit lazy in the last 8-9 years 🙂
    I dont even know if this comment will be added lol
    My memories of Aiden are really vague, and i can´t remember everything
    because it´s too long ago.
    I saw him a couple of times at Bethesda High School and as i heard
    of his dead I doesn´t thought much about it and forgot about it.
    Now I´ve saw an old article on Google about the Topic and
    I found this site, and just thought about post some condolences.
    Even if it´s too late, it´s never too late.

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