Aidens Balloon Memorial #3 — 21 April at 1:00

7600 Old Georgetown Rd., Bethesda, MD 20814
from the facebook page about the event:
Hey guys, as most of you know, to mark the anniversary of Aiden’s passing we hold an acoustic fest on the roof of the Chipotle in Bethesda. Well, we’re doing it again this year, and if you haven’t been to the ones in the past, what we do is get a lot of people to play music in the grass and then towards the end we buy tons of balloons and everyone writes their names and a brief message on them. After that we all stand together and let the balloons go. We’re going to need a bunch of people to volunteer to play music, maybe bring some food, and whatever you may want to contribute to this. Any sort of assistance in this is greatly appreciated. No big rules, just no drama and no one come fucked up. Remember, this is for Aiden guys.
If any of you are interested in playing anything please contact Mae.
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