It Does Get Better Video – Check it out!!!

Raising funds to help combat LGBT bullying. The community coming together to help save our youth. One more loss is too great a loss, for any of us.

Jenny       – Check it out*** Check out the video on the home page!!***

The Song: “It Does Get Better”

Words & Music by Georgey Payne.

The inspiration for this song is a dear friend of Georgey’s who, at the age of fifteen, was up until recently being bullied and beaten up by kids at his school for being gay.

Our chosen charities can help put an end to situations just like this, as well as helping with other challenges that some LGBT people face day-to-day.

On February 11th 2012 The L Project will be releasing their charity single “It Does Get Better”. Our aim with this first project is to raise as much money as possible to help combat LGBT bullying using the most talented lesbian UK performers.

Everyone involved with The L Project has given up their time for free, coming together because they believe passionately in helping these charities.


Thank you to everyone involved so far, this would not happen without you.

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