Check out Chaz Bono’s site

Check out Chaz Bono’s site
Tweet him, email him, whatever you can think of and invite him to become part of the L’il Dude Big Heart Campaign!

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2 Responses to Check out Chaz Bono’s site

  1. JJ says:

    I’m a 64 year-old mom, grandma, married 40 years, retired and live in the midwest. I’m so proud of your courage, Chaz, and I think you’re great! Your happiness just shines, and you are so articulate in helping to educate people about gender issues. It is so wonderful to see the joy on your face, and I not only vote for you every week on DWTS, but I also wish you every happiness in your life journey. Thank you so much for sharing who you are! Every time I see you in the media, I smile for your success, your bravery and your courage. Love and joy to you always … 🙂

  2. I hope your journey is going well.
    I’m a 57 year old retired grandfather
    and I’m proud of you
    Stay strong Chaz

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