A year has passed…

A year has passed since that terrible day. You, we have made it through some very difficult times. Surround yourself with loved ones today. Remember all the wonderful and beautiful things that Aiden brought into our lives, his laughter, his hugs, his goofy grins – celebrate who he was, CELEBRATE LIFE, even as you continue to find a way to live without him. Lean on each other, ask for help and support if you need it. Think about how Aiden would have responded to you if he saw you in pain; he would have been gentle and tried to soften the hurt. Be good to yourself, and to others. Even though it is, at times almost unbearably painful, move forward – LOVE a bit more, LIVE every moment to the fullest, HANG IN, HOLD ON to the things that give you STRENGTH AND COMFORT. YOU ARE NOT ALONE, REACH OUT, for yourself and for the people who are unable to reach out for themselves. We are ALL IN THIS TOGETHER. Enter into spring with a renewed sense of delight and wonder in the world, do it for yourself and do it for Aiden too.
Be brave.
And PLEASE, take good care.
With great love and admiration, Auntie Jenny xo

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