L’il Dude Medallion online sales numbers

To date we have 15 online medallion sales, numbers from sales by Aiden’s Moms are still coming in. Please refer people to the site and the campaign, let’s stop the bullying and take good care of those who have already suffered.

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1 Response to L’il Dude Medallion online sales numbers

  1. Aiden's Mom says:

    The total count of medallions sold so far is now 50. A new order of 100 medallions is on its way to us even as we speak. Shortly, all the donors who contributed to Aiden’s fund last year will also receive medallions, as will anyone who makes a donation through the American University website as we move forward.

    Thanks, all for your support so far. There is still a big distance to go before we get the endowment fully vested. The folks at the Development Office at AU are preparing a count for us and we will report the balance on this website as we go along, so we know as we go along, where the fund stands.

    It is very important to us to get the endowment fully vested ($50,000) because then AU will manage the anti-bullying campaign in perpetuity. This fund will support initiatives to educate and safeguard youth for as long as the university continues to exist (well past our lifetimes, I am sure).

    Thanks to all. Please keep the word spreading: Not only about the fund, but about the importance of being mindful of how we speak and act in the world (We ARE the world, as the song goes), but also with respect to the value of every life and the importance of staying alive to share the light in our hearts with friends we have yet to meet!

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