Note from Cathy… Aiden’s Bill

The picture on the medal (L’il dude big heart) is a self portrait that Aiden drew — he considered himself to be super dude — the caped hero who always stood beside and supported his friends. The bill currently going through the Maryland Senate — which makes it illegal to discriminate against transgendered individuals in housing, the work place and when obtaining credit — is a super dude bill. Knowledge of Aiden’s struggles and death helped committee members decide to put it forward for a vote on the MD senate floor. All the love and support for Aiden and for us, his moms, has translated into many calls to help ensure that the bill now goes forward and becomes law. Knowledge of Aiden’s tragic death is helping to change the world so that hopefully, we will not lose such wonderful people in the future. Pass it forward folks — love and acceptance is a wonderful thing!

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