Working through this together

We all miss Aiden more than we could ever imagine. Even with all the pain we still carry all this amazing boundless love for him. Tuesday let’s all join our love together, knowing that he will feel it and that as we all connect to celebrate Aiden’s birthday, we can all share it. You have all known how he helped people, how important that was for him – so now gather your love, gather the love he felt for you and use it to bring you through these tough days. It is what we would have wanted, it is what he would have done. This is what would make him proud. Let’s make him proud. Let’s connect and amplify all this love so that it flows out into the world, making it a better place. Do him proud, love, live, make the world a better place – like he was doing. Hold on through the pain. Remember his smile. Remember his laugh. Remember, live, love, hold on. Hold on to the love, hold onto your commitment to carry on his dream to make the world a better place, for everyone. I know you, we can do this. Auntie Jenny

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