Request from Cathy

Dear Friends and Family,

For Aiden’s memorial I would like to ask you for some help. Patty and I are having a very difficult time. The funeral will have a clergy-led service but I would also like you all to help ‘lift’ Patty and me ‘up’ with your love and your experience of us and all the others in your life. I would greatly appreciate it if, as you are able, you would help us remember who our family is/was — Caitlin/Aiden stories, stories of us as a family, Patty and me as mothers, stories of your part in our lives as our family/friends; help us to remember who we are and to remember the strengths we have that will enable us to get through this; to remember the value of life and living, even when it seems like there is nothing left to live for; and whatever other thoughts that you feel will help. Your contribution can be in any form — verbally at the service — as stories or poems, songs, etc; something written for us to experience later. Whatever and how ever you are able to contribute will be great. This is a time when we truly need to be help in the love and kindness of our friends and family. There will be time in the chapel and also at the grave side to participate.

Please pass this request on to others that are going to be attending. I do not have everyone’s email address nor much confidence that I have included everyone!

We are still finalizing the details. Because it is a Sunday it looks like we will not be able to start the service until ~2:30. Jen will be posting the final details at or you can email or call her.

Thanks and see you soon.


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